Customer Testimonials

Marc S — Palo Alto, CA
Kraig at 2020 Motors was very up front, honest, flexible, and a pleasure to work with. After several months hunting around, we took a long road trip to L.A. to assess a couple car opportunities and ended up walking away purchasing from Kraig. He was very responsive from the start, willing to discuss all details and pricing before we met in person, and even sending extra pictures at my request. On the day we met, the condition of the car proved Kraig's scrutiny about the condition of the cars he purchases as well as how he keeps them. Given the size of the purchase, I insisted on a mechanical inspection and Kraig was not only willing, but when we couldn't find an available local dealer, he was willing to go to a further dealer just to placate us. After that, he made the rest a breeze, handling all the paperwork and details. He even offered a roll of special tape to cover up the front bumper for the ride home (so the risk of chips and scrapes would be limited), then checked in the next day to see if our trip back went smoothly.

All in all, I can't imagine a better purchasing experience. I would recommend Kraig's dealership any day.
Frank M — Santa Monica, CA
How often do you get MORE than what you paid for?  After weeks of researching the purchase of my 2006 Corvette, this was my best car-buying experience by a long stretch.  I came away with a car that was in better shape than I had hoped for at thousands of dollars less than I expected.  The process was made very easy from start to finish and Kraig obviously puts a lot of time and effort into buying great cars at a great price so he can reliably sell great cars at a great price.  I very much appreciate the way Kraig conducts business and wish more people followed this example.
John M — West New York, NJ
Although I was initially hesitant about buying a car located across the country, Kraig and 2020 Motors did such an exceptional job throughout the entire process. I felt comfortable with Kraig, who answered all my questions with respect and a level of professionalism rarely seen in the service industry! I highly recommend 2020 Motors! Cheers Kraig!
Trey S — Phoenix, AZ
I can give only my highest recommendation for Kraig and 2020 Motors. My transaction spanned a week and a half, primarily comprised of scheduling delivery. Communication was constant and friendly. Kraig delivered my 2005 Saleen S281 to Phoenix in person and prepped for the road with painters tape across the front to protect the paint. Delivered a beautiful, well kept and monster car. Included were original owner window stickers and pamphlets, manuals and a CD full of pictures. Kraig took the time to accompany me to the DMV, where we encountered a moderately lengthy wait and a not so friendly clerk. His patience and assistance made the day much easier to execute. I intend to recommend him to anyone I know looking for high quality, high performance vehicles. 2020 Motors takes the time to find just the right car...the needle in a haystack sort. I feel like I stole the car for the price I got. Chalk up an exceptionally satisfied customer! Thanks Kraig!
John G — Leominster, MA

 I bought a Lotus Elise (05') from Kraig/2020 Motors this past March after beating Cancer at the City of Hope Hospital in Duarte, CA. It was a dream car for me and part of a promise...if I could survive the horrific Leukemia that had riddled my body (I had a bone marrow transplant), then I would treat myself to this heavenly machine. I searched the web diligently, looking for the best quality vehicle with the lowest mileage for the best price (and in black). I was shocked to find a Lotus that matched all these specifications in the neighboring town of San Dimas, but I would have purchased one from anywhere in the country, as fate would have it though, I took the 15 minute ride to San Dimas and met a laid back Aussie who let me test drive the car that day, even though I was frail as anything and wearing a mask (protection from airborne germs), not to mention just on leave from the hospital. The performance of the car sold itself. Kraig was the ultimate gentleman and had studied the car inside and out, answering my never ending questions. We struck a deal about 30 minutes after I met him and the car in person...the rest is history. Whenever I'm feeling a little low I just jump on the 110 freeway and let the Lotus take the curves like a champ!! Kraig only chooses the best cars to sell on his website, specifically cars he himself has an interest in....and it shows.

One satisfied customer and proud Lotus owner.
Ketil S — Norway
 I give my best recommendation for Kraig Coomber and 2020 Motors, I have done business with him from Norway, just by e-mail and telephone. The process was safe and Kraig gave all the information, pictures, paperwork that was needed for a safe deal. He also sent me spare keys, manuals, nav.dvd, video and a CD full of pictures. When I picked up the Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 at the Harbour in Norway, it was totally as expected.
Another satisfied customer!
Taro E — Japan
Very nice car. Kraig is the very nice person and it was very easy to deal with.
Steven C — Clovis, CA
I purchased a Saleen S-281SC from Kraig, sight unseen, after viewing pictures of the vehicle and speaking to Kraig by telephone.  When I arrived to pick up the vehicle, it was even more pristine than I had expected.  I also saw some of Kraig's other vehicles.  Kraig handpicks the best, story-free vehicles, and sells them at exceptional prices.  I found Kraig to be extremely honest and straightforward.  His attention to detail is second to none.  I would - and hopefully will - do business with Kraig again.  Thanks Kraig!
Steve S — Alta Loma, CA
Wow what a fantastic experience I had purchasing a 2007 Ford Mustang GT-CS from Kraig at 2020 Motors. My son and I made an appointment to look at the Mustang and the minute I met Kraig I knew I was dealing with a professional and honest person. Kraig had all of the orignal owner's original documentation on the modified Mustang and also disclosed a few minor defects on the car. The sales transaction and DMV paperwork was very organized and completed in a timely manner. When I picked up the Mustang it was detailed and the gas tank topped off with premium gas. I would highly recommend 2020 Motors for anybody looking for a top quality performance vehicle.

Thanks Kraig - 100% satisfied customer.
RK Motors — Charlotte, NC
Kraig, we received the car and we are very happy with the purchase. Thanks again for your professional approach.
JR S — Chicago, IL
I could not be happier with my 2010 Corvette ZR1 automobile purchase from Kraig at 2020 Motors. He has exceeded my expectations and that is saying something as I am a very high expectation, anal/ocd guy.. Kraig is even more so. He was meticulous about EVERYTHING, from delivering the car to the dealer for an inspection, to personally assisting in the transport loading. He took the time to send me videos and pictures of all aspects of my purchase. He quickly put me at ease regarding a LARGE wire transfer and car purchase from 2000 miles away. I never personally inspected the car and his representation was spot on. Matter of fact, he said the only blemish was inside the door, near the bottom, which I still haven’t found.
The whole transaction was simple and professional. He knows his stuff without ANY bs.
It is not often that I thank a car salesman but Kraig is MUCH more than that and I do want to thank him. I recommend Kraig and 2020 Motors on the highest level and I expect to do MORE business with him in the near future. If anyone would like to contact me please do, Kraig is that good and I am a VERY satisfied customer.
Thanks again Kraig!
Dennis G — Princeton, KY
Kraig was a pleasure to meet and to do business with. He helped me every step of the way. It is always a good deal when you are happy with the product, the transaction, and you part ways having made a new friend.
Fred D — Holland, PA
My recent purchase of a Roush Mustang was the most satisfying car buying experience I have ever had, despite the fact that I live on the East Coast and never personally laid eyes on the vehicle. From my first call to 2020 Motors, Kraig did all that he could, and more, to build my trust. Not only through my converstions with Kraig, but also reviewing his current inventory and cars sold, I was reassured that he has an exquisite eye for extremely clean, low milage, high performance cars. I can not recommend Kraig and 2020 Motors highly enough! My only recommendation be that he re-locates 2020 Motors to PA, so that I can buy all of my vehicles from him!
Mark D — Irvington, AL
Kraig, Just wanted to say thank you making this an excellent car buying experience for me. I am very impressed with the Foose. I just have to be careful with driving it as much as I did this weekend or I'll have a bunch of miles racked up before I know it. It's a very fun and capable performance car. I appreciate your consideration and professionalism and left high marks on your Ebay feedback. I appreciate you taking time to round up the remaining receipts/maintenance records and look forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks again, Mark
Grant C — Lower Hutt, New Zealand
I live in New Zealand and it is always concerning when buying a car from halfway around the world from someone you have not dealt with before.  I can highly recommend 2020 Motors.  Kraig described the vehicle to the last detail and went the extra mile, he made the purchase extremely easy.  I would not hesitate to purchase again.  For anyone buying that cannot see the car, you have no worries it will be delivered to you as described. Thanks again.
Larry C — Scottsdale, AZ
I just bought a Shelby GT Mustang from Kraig Coomber at 2020 Motors. The car was exactly as advertised and shown on the 2020 website. It was a pleasure to deal with Kraig on the transaction. He was fair, honest and did everything we agreed to on the sale and delivery of the car. It was clear that Kraig had the experience and knowledge to find the right car, in the right condition that I was looking for. In today’s world it is nice to know that there are people like Kraig who can provide a selective private buying experience for collector automobiles. I would recommend Kraig and 2020 to anyone seeking that kind of experience for the purchase of a high performance automobile.
Jeffrey P — Norfolk, NY
Buying a car from almost 3,000 miles away can make one very hesitant. The very first email communication with Kraig Coomber very quickly eliminated my hesitation. No pressure just reassuring truth. Kraig is not your run of the mill fancy car dealer. Kraig works very hard to earn your comfort and trust and delivers total satisfaction. From the bidding to the winning of the ebay auction, Kraig was there to answer all my questions and concerns. When it comes to bidding on a car being offered by Kraig Coomber with 2020 Motors... bid with confidence, you will not be disappointed. Enjoying my Dodge Challenger in Northern NY.

Jeffrey P

Herman E — San Jose, CA
I have been looking for a Saleen for almost a year, till I found one on 2020 motors. I call and asked Kraig about his best price after he told me the info on the car. He was prompt and straight forward on all aspect of the car. He was very professional and honest. I don't want to be a repeat of what everybody was telling Kraig on the other testimony but I feel I have to do my turn. He was honest, trustworthy and very professional and to add another he will go more his way to satisfiy his customer. We finished our deal by just telephone and email. He even finish all paperworks (registration, insurance and prep the car for a show). On top of that he kept the car for 2-weeks since I have to show it on the 2012 annual Saleen open house and car show. We are a very proud owner of a beautiful car. To finish I have no doubt to deal with Kraig again, we will be a return customer. Thank you Kraig for a wonderful deal and experience. Till next time.
Dennis R — Yorba Linda, CA
I've had a long admiration for Shelby Cobras and since I'm approaching that historical mark of 50, what better time to treat myself.  While knowing that there was no way I could justify or afford a real Cobra, I started looking at replicas.  In came Kraig and 2020 Motors.  I had been looking off and on for months and came across his ad on Craigslist.  I had never even ridden in a Cobra, let alone drive one, and from the first time I spoke to Kraig I started feeling that this was the right car.   He was very helpful with providing history about the car as well as some background on Cobras.  I was able to do a lot of research about this specific car and everything that Kraig was telling me was in line.  While this was the only car that I actually physical looked at and road in, I felt very confident with everything that Kraig was telling me.  There was no pushing and he was up front about everything.  Within the next couple of days the car was mine and I feel that I got a great car for a reasonable price.  In addition, processing of the paperwork (tags and such) was extremely fast and all of Kraig's follow-up has been wonderful.  I would highly recommend purchasing a car from 2020 Motors.
Robert K — Ojai, CA
Kraig at 2020 Motors was an absolute professional pleasure to do business with, he went above and beyond to make our transaction smooth and easy. Communication was excellent and I can only wish him the best of success so that he remains in business for a long time to come in order to help others with the vehicles they are searching for and so I can purchase another vehicle from him when the time comes again for me. Thank you Kraig, best of luck and best wishes!
Gary S — Lake Forest, CA
Hi Kraig,

I have been meaning to write you. The Saleen is awesome, my wife loves it now too. I bought the Style Bar that goes over the rear seats, but haven't put it on yet, I'll put it on Thanksgiving weekend and send you a picture.
Oh second gear can be a little crazy... Love HP.

Phil B — Alberta, Canada
I am qualified to offer a testimonial regarding Kraig Coomber/2020 Motors, having spent nearly all my 70 waking years in the car industry, and having bought and sold hundreds of vehicles myself.  I bought a used GTO from Kraig, and the experience couldn't have been more pleasant, start to finish.  Highly recommended.
Michael H — O Fallon, MO
Car is great better than expected, would buy from again, great transaction.
Robert M — Salt Lake City, UT
The best transaction ever made. Every detail including shipping was perfect.
Martin Z — Redondo Beach, CA
That bike is awesome! Thank you so much for all the help.
Mr. G — Palm Springs, CA
I received a letter from Ford Credit that my account was paid-in-full. And Ford Credit has processed the title/lien as required by our state. On the internet they made my situation look so arduous. But you made the process quite simple and completely painless! Thank you and your son for all the help.
Dale J — Mesa, AZ
Super easy deal! Kraig was AWESOME! Love the car! THANK YOU! ! !
Ivan O — Bakersfield, CA
Kraig! My dad is absolutely in love with the bike! I can't get him out of the garage haha. I can't thank you enough for the amazing experience and honesty you provided me with. I will definitely be in touch especially for those hang gliding lessons :-)
AJ  — Orange, CA
The best way I can describe Kraig is as a businessman who sells cars, NOT a car salesman who meets any of the notorious characteristics that all-too-often make the process of buying a car a cringeworthy experience. From the first time I spoke with Kraig, I tried to politely let him know I "won't be buying today", and his level of benevolence, customer service, and helpfulness never wavered. This was the case both times we met, and even as I write this review I'm still undecided as to whether I will end up buying the car (I'm still looking to sell my existing one first). I hope this review holds a little extra validity in that I'm compelled to write it based on the level of customer service and not the car or deal itself--the breath of fresh air that results from dealing with someone who doesn't, in any way, feel like a pushy salesman is much appreciated. If I had the choice, I would buy every car I get in the future from Kraig, this one and many more thereafter. I highly encourage and suggest anyone to consider Kraig and 2020 Motors when looking to get a car (or boat, bike, etc.) because, simply put, the experience is EXACTLY what you hope for, which, sadly, is often the opposite of what one experiences when perusing dealerships in situations like this. Thanks again for everything, appreciate the way you work and I'll be sending anyone and everyone over that I can that is in the market for what you have.
Kevin B — Rancho Cucamonga, CA
My experience with 2020 Motors was exceptional.  Kraig is a very honest and straight forward guy.  Very low pressure, and Kraig went the extra mile to completely take care of us.  I was a bit reluctant to buy a car from a company outside a typical mainstream dealership, but the experience at 2020 Motors was outstanding.  It is very hard to find this type of customer service and this kind of integrity these days.  I highly recommend 2020 Motors.
Polo T — Tujunga, CA

My first visit to 2020 motors and I had an exceptional experience. I was in the market for a new toy (motorcycle to be exact) and I found their listing online. I contacted them over the weekend and they answered my call right away. Long story short, I ended up checking the bike out the following week, it was in as described condition plus some. They answered all my questions, had the bike checked out by my mechanic shop and everything was in perfect condition. I ended up being the lucky owner of an awesome motorcycle. I highly recommend them if you are in the market for some awesome cars, motorcycles, and other cool toys. I am glad that dealers like this are still around. Did not push me one bit to try and sell me anything. Everything worked out in such a timely and professional manner. I have had quite a lot of experience dealing with dealers and to date, this place had to be the best experience I've had to date!

While I was there, they were nice enough to show me all their other vehicles for sale, and let me tell you, they were all in immaculate condition! Which goes to show that they only sell quality / very well maintained vehicles!

If they have what you're looking for, give them a try first!

Thank you Kraig!

David V — Redlands, CA
I can't say enough about the positive experience we had with Kraig and 2020 Motors, with over 30 years in the automotive field more than 20 of which was with GM, I consider myself more than just an enthusiast. We called to make an appointment to meet Kraig and view a car that he had done an outstanding job of presenting on his webpage. Many times I have been disappointed by misleading internet ads. But not this time. Within minutes I knew that I wanted to own this car without even driving it. It was clearly one of the most immaculate vehicles I would purchase (new or used) . The care that Kraig took in examining my trade in was a pure reflection of the care he took in locating the cars that met his extremely high standards for him to sell. Kraig was knowledgable, patient, friendly and at no time did I feel any pressure to purchase from him. I asked Kraig to let me know what it take for me to own the car and he came back with a very fair price and we agreed to purchase. We met the following weekend to pick up the car, the paperwork was complete, accurate and as we agreed by phone. The car was clean and ready for delivery and the entire purchase from start to finish was by far the most outstanding experience in the 75 or more vehicle purchases I have made in my lifetime. I highly recommend you try 20 20 Motors first if you are looking for one of the vehicles in his inventory. You will be completely satisfied. Not only did I find the car I was looking for, but the finest example I could imagine, I will return for future purchases, refer my friends and family and have the confidence that they will leave as completely satisfied as me and feel like I have made a new lifelong friend in Kraig. What a great car buying experience should be. All car dealers could learn from Kraig and 2020 Motors. Thank you.
Britain R. — Yorba Linda, CA
One word to sum up my experience with Kraig & 2020 Motors- OUTSTANDING!! Kraig is a true car professional that does not miss any details. I recently purchased a S281 SC from 2020 Motors. The car is immaculate. The process from the day one test drive to closing the deal was very easy. He is flexible, honest and covers everything. This is the best car buying experience I have ever gone through. If you are reading this and interested in a car, call Kraig right now!! Kraig... Thank you!!
Colleen N — Salt Lake City, UT
I had a great drive home. I LOVE the car! Thank you, Kraig. This has been a fabulous experience for me.
Value KIA — Philadelphia, PA
Hi Kraig. I got all the docs and the car. Thank you so much for all your help in making this a very smooth transaction.
Darren M — Albuquerque, NM
I had been shopping for a Dodge Challenger for several months. I finally narrowed it down to two. After dealing with Kraig, the choice became extremely clear which one I would be buying. This was my first experience purchasing a car sight unseen. The vehicle and experience were way beyond my expectations. This will be the first call I make when we are in the market for another vehicle. Thank you Kraig!
Torbjorn K — Norway
Hello Kraig. Wow, for an amazing car! Today I take flight and train to collect my Mustang in harbour in Drammen, drove all the way over the mountains, to my garage in Austevoll, almost 300km! Thank you very much Kraig! I will deal with you in the future also ;) Please see attachment pictures, I was happy there was no snow on the roads, therefore I didnt need to drive all the way around the mountains.. Thanks again, Torbjørn
Dan R — Rohnert Park, CA
I was fortunate enough to be referred to Kraig at 2020 Motors and I couldn’t be happier with
my decision to purchase a car from him. My interaction from the start was above and beyond,
he was responsive, professional and most importantly honest. I had several phone
conversations with him about various models he had in inventory and was always amazed and
drawn to his utmost honesty about his vehicles, their past and any potential issues that may
arise. Kraig would always share any personal story associated with the car, making the buying
experience more enjoyable and tying the whole process together. Kraig routinely checked in
with me about potential vehicles that fit my needs, and when he didn’t have one in stock he
offered his honest. opinion on vehicles I had found from other private parties. When the time
came, and Kraig had my dream car in stock, he contacted me promptly. At the time, I had to sell
my current car and although it was far from the types of cars Kraig deals with, he assisted me
with gathering information on the value of my vehicle, talk about customer service! Due to my
living out of the area, I communicated with Kraig on an almost daily basis to cover all of the
questions I had. Kraig took detailed photos of specific parts of the car and responded to all of
my questions promptly. He even allowed a close friend to come out to look at the car as I was
unable to see it in person before buying. When the time came to get the car, he picked me and
my girlfriend up at the airport and we really enjoyed getting to know him during our drive out
to his warehouse. Kraig is one of those individual who is a solid good person at the core and his
business practices reflect that. Upon arriving at his warehouse, my car was waiting for me,
detailed and in perfect condition. I was surprised that all of the blemishes Kraig had told me
about over the phone where significantly better than expected, a testament to his honesty. My
experience with Kraig reminded me that it has become a rarity to find good, honest customer
service. Buying a used performance vehicle can be a stressful and very personal experience and
the service that Kraig offers cannot be replaced. When it comes to 2020 Motors there’s no
doubt in my mind that it is the total package and I look forward to doing more business with
him in the future.

-Dan R

Ken I — Lakeside, CA
Fabulous car, love it. Thanks again.